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About Rebecca

As a mother of two little ones, married to my high-school sweetheart, and working full-time as the director of a nonprofit organization, my life is full of meaning and love...and chaos.

My world shifted the moment I delivered my son. Holding him was like looking into a mirror. I knew that in order to be the kind of parent I aspired to be and to raise compassionate future leaders, I would have to live out my values more intentionally and authentically.

I started writing as a way to memorialize the journey and lessons of parenthood and quickly found my passion and voice, particularly for racial justice. This has become my safe space to grapple with race relations, white privilege, and trying to raise kids to be anti-racist.

But even more so, to look at these issues through the lens of our shared humanity, so that we can do the hard but necessary work of  reflection, healing, and rebuilding community in our own life to heal our collective history and rebuild our country more firmly rooted in our connection to one another.


We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. It is my mission to listen and learn as much as I can, and then use my voice to impact positive social change and work to rebuild my community, country, and the world all around us.

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